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Every quarter we send out a newsletter based on the time of the year and what is happening in the insurance and tax worlds.  We also include a section with Classifieds and a recipe from our agency cookbook.

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Winter 2020 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          New Company - Selective
          Avoid Slips and Falls
          Recipe - Dried Beef Dip
          FYI - Flood Insurance

Fall 2019 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Insurance on Your Smartphone
          Time to Change Your Filter
          Fire Safety
          Refer!  Refer!  Refer!!
          Women of Worth
          Certificates of Insurance
          Cyber Liability
          AAA Term Life Insurance
Summer 2019 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Beware of Storm Chasers
          How To Spot A Storm Chaser
          7 Suprising Benefits of a AAA Membership
          Refer! Refer! Refer!
          Women of Worth
          Smartphone Apps That Monitor How You Drive
          Pet Insurance
Spring 2019 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Free Credit Report
          Times are Changing
          Home Sharing - What You Should Know
          Buried Hazards
          Farm Insurance
          Sunscreen Tips

Winter 2019 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Sit Up Straight
          Play it Safe on the Roof
          Why Waist Not Weight Really Matters

Fall 2018 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Health Care
          Renting a Car
          Fall Checklist
          Fall Colors
          Fire Prevention Week

Spring 2018 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Umbrella Policies
          Motorcycle Safety
          Paycheck Checkup
          Hard Boiled Eggs

Winter 2018 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Evaluating Long-Term Care
          Heating Safety
          State Auto
          Snowmobile Safety
          Facts About Ice

     Topics Include:
            Recreational Fires
            Insurance Certificates
            Do you need a will?

Spring 2017 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
            Auto Insurance
            Specialty Insurance
            Policy Review

Winter 2017 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
            Minnesota Statute
            Winter Survival
            Winter Driving Tips

Spring 2016 Newsletter
      Topics Include:
             Distracted Driving
             Motorcycle Insurance
             Does your insurance owe you?
             Long-Term Care

Winter 2016 Newsletter
      Topics Include:
             Snowmobile Safety
             Jewelry Protection
             Proof of Insurance
             Long-Term Care

Fall 2015 Newsletter
       Topics Include:
             Backpack Overload
             Do you need a Will?
             Long-Term Care

Summer 2015 Newsletter
       Topics Include

             Hailstorm Tips
             Insurance Certificates
             Safe Digging
             Do you need a Will?
             Long-Term Care

Spring 2015 Newsletter
      Topics Included
            Savings Choices
            Winter Storm Safety
            Dogs & Umbrella Insurance

Winter 2014 Newsletter

      Topics Included
            Attorney-Client Privilege
            ATV, Boats, RV's, etc Insurance
            Insurance Fraud Prevention Act of 2014
            Fireplace Recall
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