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Every quarter we send out a newsletter based on the time of the year and what is happening in the insurance and tax worlds.  We also include a section with Classifieds and a recipe from our agency cookbook.

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Spring 2019 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Free Credit Report
          Times are Changing
          Home Sharing - What You Should Know
          Buried Hazards
          Farm Insurance
          Sunscreen Tips

Winter 2019 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Sit Up Straight
          Play it Safe on the Roof
          Why Waist Not Weight Really Matters

Fall 2018 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Health Care
          Renting a Car
          Fall Checklist
          Fall Colors
          Fire Prevention Week

Spring 2018 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Umbrella Policies
          Motorcycle Safety
          Paycheck Checkup
          Hard Boiled Eggs

Winter 2018 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
          Evaluating Long-Term Care
          Heating Safety
          State Auto
          Snowmobile Safety
          Facts About Ice

     Topics Include:
            Recreational Fires
            Insurance Certificates
            Do you need a will?

Spring 2017 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
            Auto Insurance
            Specialty Insurance
            Policy Review

Winter 2017 Newsletter
     Topics Include:
            Minnesota Statute
            Winter Survival
            Winter Driving Tips

Spring 2016 Newsletter
      Topics Include:
             Distracted Driving
             Motorcycle Insurance
             Does your insurance owe you?
             Long-Term Care

Winter 2016 Newsletter
      Topics Include:
             Snowmobile Safety
             Jewelry Protection
             Proof of Insurance
             Long-Term Care

Fall 2015 Newsletter
       Topics Include:
             Backpack Overload
             Do you need a Will?
             Long-Term Care

Summer 2015 Newsletter
       Topics Include

             Hailstorm Tips
             Insurance Certificates
             Safe Digging
             Do you need a Will?
             Long-Term Care

Spring 2015 Newsletter
      Topics Included
            Savings Choices
            Winter Storm Safety
            Dogs & Umbrella Insurance

Winter 2014 Newsletter

      Topics Included
            Attorney-Client Privilege
            ATV, Boats, RV's, etc Insurance
            Insurance Fraud Prevention Act of 2014
            Fireplace Recall
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